Women in the Law Committee

The Women in the Law committee provides an opportunity for members to form and strengthen professional connections and raise awareness about issues that are specific to women lawyers. The committee is very active, and works on philanthropic activities, social events, and is often a source of presentations for WDC’s conferences. There is room for all in this committee, and we welcome any level of participation.

Chair: Grace Kulkoski 
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
[email protected]

Vice-Chair: Megan McKenzie
American Family Insurance Co.
[email protected]


Committee Members

Maria Bucci, Simpson & Deardorff, S.C.
Kristine Burck, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
Kara Burgos, Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd.
Amy Freiman, Hills Legal Group, Ltd.
Andrea Goode, Borgelt, Powell, Peterson & Frauen, S.C.
Amber Herda, Terschan, Steinle, Hodan & Ganzer, Ltd.
Sandra Hupfer, SECURA Insurance
Ashleigh Johnson, American Family Insurance Co.
Valerie Jonas, Law Offices of Loretta M. Griffin
Aneet Kauer, Axley Brynelson LLP
Mollie Kugler, von Briesen & Roper, S.C.
Laura Lyons, SECURA Insurance
Nicole Marklein, Cross Jenks Mercer & Maffei LLP
Heidi Melzer, SECURA Insurance
Brittany Mirabella, Simpson & Deardorff, S.C.
Heather Nelson, Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C.
Elizabeth Pearce, SECURA Insurance
Patricia Putney, Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C.
Nicole Radler, Simpson & Deardorff, S.C.
Agatha Raynor, Crivello, Nichols & Hall, S.C.
Elizabeth Reeths, Kramer Shull Reeths, LLP
Christine Rice, Simpson & Deardorff, S.C.
Kristen Scheuerman, Weiss Law Office, S.C.
Linda Schmidt, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.
Amy Scholl, Coyne, Schultz, Becker & Bauer, S.C.
Ariella Schreiber, Rural Mutual Insurance
Morgan Stippel, Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C.
Sarah Thomas Pagels, Laffey, Leitner & Goode, LLC
Crystal Uebelher, Great American Insurance Company
Amy Wilkinson, SECURA Insurance

For committee involvement, please contact [email protected].