Young Lawyer Committee

The Young Lawyers Committee has been very active both with its spirited and well-attended social gatherings and in developing CLE – most recently presenting well-received panel presentations at conferences highlighting practice issues facing younger attorneys (and specifically how our experienced attorneys and younger attorneys can benefit from each other and seeing issues from different perspectives).

Chair: Charles Polk III
Cross Jenks Mercer & Maffei, LLP
[email protected]



Committee Members

Sean Bukowski, Meissner, Tierney, Fisher & Nichols, S.C.
Katherine Cortesy, Corneille Law Group, LLC
Nicholas Harkness, Simpson & Deardorff, S.C.
Ashleigh Johnson, American Family Insurance Co.
Ryan Johnson, Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C.
Benjamin Jonas, Borgelt, Powell, Peterson & Frauen, S.C.
Abigail Kincheloe, Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C.
Ellen Kosmatka, Hills Legal Group, Ltd. 
Beau Krueger, Nash, Spindler, Grimstad & McCracken, LLP
Patrick McDonald, Nash, Spindler, Grimstad & McCracken, LLP
Matthew Nevaranta, Otjen Law Firm, S.C.
Kelsey Pelegrin, Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C.
Morgan Stippel, Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C.
Zachary Tomesh, Thrasher, Pelish & Heaney, S.C.
Madeline Weston, Borgelt, Powell, Peterson & Frauen, S.C.


For committee involvement, please contact [email protected].